FortiClient VPN — How To Use On Mac?

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If you are using VPN services, you have probably heard a thing or two about FortiClient. It is a solution from Fortinet that allows you to make your Internet experience more private and secure.

What is FortiClient?

Fortinet is most commonly known for its FortiGate network solution and other business-related network security products. FortiGate also contains a local client that helps users to control the activity on the net and manage security issues.

However, this local client, called FortiClient, can operate on its own. It can function as a free yet effective antivirus solution packed with various beneficial features. One of these features is a VPN client. It is quite easy to install it on Windows devices, but some Mac users can be confused.

Today, we have prepared a simple step-by-step guide to help you install and utilize the FortiClient VPN on your Mac devices.

Important information

Before installing the FortyClient VPN service, it is better to check if your machine is ready. To use this VPN client, the operating system of your computer should contain all system updates. You should also have antivirus software to ensure your security

For example, if you want to use FortiClient VPN 6.4 you should have at least macOS 10.13 before installation.

How to use the FortiClient VPN on Mac

Once you decide to have the FortiClient VPN on your laptop or desktop, you need to know how to install it correctly. Therefore, we have prepared a comprehensive instruction to help you go through the installation process.

  • First of all, visit to find FortiClient VPN among other Fortinet products.
  • Download it and open the file.
  • Launch the VPN installer (you can be additionally required to open a file). As a result, you will have the FortiClient VPN installer on your computer.
  • Click Install and don’t forget to agree when it comes to license confirmation.
  • You may be asked to choose to install the app for all users of this desktop.
  • Click Install to finish the installation process. In some cases, you will be required to enter the password for your Mac.
  • Once you see the installation process ends, click Close.

That’s it! Now, you can use the FortiClient VPN app on your computer.


When you are using FortiClient VPN, it offers two options: IPSec as well as SSL. What is the difference? SSL seems to be a better option as it is more trustworthy. Moreover, SSL will work whenever you need it. IPSec can come with issues in some places such as hostels and cafes.

Once FortiClient is installed, it is possible to use both options, but it is important to choose the one that fits your preferences better. If you want to use your VPN client while traveling, we recommend checking the configuration in advance.

If you experience problems with connecting to the Internet after you have arranged your VPN connection via FortiClient, you can ask for assistance. It is also a great idea to read through the troubleshooting page to find some advice.

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