Too Little for Poor Students & Others

State Budget Does Not Do Enough for Students in Poverty and Other High-Need, High-Cost Students Part 1
The table above shows, for each finance plan, the additional funding targeted to each of six different types of high-need, high-cost students. Such students are typically recognized as needing extra funds in most state school finance system.

As the table shows, the State Budget amount for each of these students in FY 2019 is much less than the per student amount recommended by the QEC Fully-Funded Plan for the same year.

Some shortfalls are much larger than others. For example, the State Budget Fy 2019 Plan only targets an additional $744 to each poor student, while the QEC Fully-Funded FY 2019 Plan targets an additional $3,103.

How well do these plans target these high-need students? One measure of fairness is to compare the per-student funding of the high-need, high-cost students to the guaranteed per-student funding, which is the amount of funds the state guarantees to each student. [1] Education experts have developed a consensus around how much additional funding is needed to educated certain high-need students compared to the base or guaranteed amount of funding that every student receives.

Using the calculated guaranteed amount for each model, I calculated the additional amount or weight attached to each type of high-cost, high-need student. The results are shown in the table below and in the ensuing charts. So, for example, to students in poverty, the state budget for FY 2019 targets an additional 9.21% of its guaranteed amount, while the QEC Fully-Funded FY 2019 plan targets an additional 25.80% of its guaranteed amount. You can see that the quantity of both the guaranteed amount and the targeting percentage makes a difference in the additional amount that’s actually targeted.

In no instance does the State Budget FY 2019 targeted amounts match the QEC Fully-Funded FY 2019 targeted amount.

Although all these categories of students deserve and need additional funding, I would like to emphasize the great need and urgency to fund our students in poverty – and explain the surprising result that the State FY 2019 budget targets students in poverty less than such targeting in the Current State FY 2017 budget. Go to: Urgent Need for Poor Students

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